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Paula Hine reports


As the Sportshall athletics season draws to a close it is time reflect on how the season went for our young WAC athletes.


The club took part in the Sportshall league which consisted of three matches at the Canford School in Wimborne on a Saturday afternoon. There were five clubs taking part and the competition was open to under 11’s, under 13’s and u15’s.The results for all the events and matches can now be found on the Team Dorset Athletics website. http://teamdorsetathletics.btck.co.uk/Competition/Sportshall


Under 11 Girls


Starting with our enthusiastic under 11 girls,they had a very tight competition against a much larger club than ourselves, Bournemouth AC. Wimborne had over twenty girls keen to take part, the only club with sufficient numbers to enter two teams in this age group. They started the season off well, with many girls competing for the first time, and were winners of match one with an 11.5 point lead. Bournemouth AC were winners of match two, beating us by just 3 points. Wimborne came back strongly in match three to take the lead and finish as overall winners of the under 11 league. A great result girls!


Under 11 Boys


The under 11 boys, although plenty of them at training, have struggled to field a complete team all season. We have gone for quality rather than quantity! In match one where they had their biggest turn out they managed to achieve second place just behind Bournemouth AC. However, in the following two matches they were only able to achieve third place. This meant that overall they finished third. Here’s hoping that next season a few more of our young boys will be available to compete – when they are not playing rugby and football of course!


Under 13's


The under 13 girls and boys teams were unstoppable, with both teams winning every match.Consequently they are both league winners. Once again the girls had sufficient depth and interest to field a second team. In the final match of the season the girls actually dominated the event with a first and second placed team position. WAC Girl Power!


Under 15's


The league also includes some events for under 15 athletes. Three girls from Wimborne AC took part in the first match with some excellent results. However, they were not then available to compete in the following matches. Three boys did manage to take part in all three league matches. They all competed well and improved as the season went on. Well done to Joshua Lock, Joe Goodwin and Oliver Rawles.


The Champions


With these fantastic league positions it is not surprising that the Wimborne athletes had some great results at the county championships held at the beginning of January. The club can now boast 10 county champions, with ten silver places and 9 in bronze position. Wimborne also won five out of the eight relays on the day.

The following athletes finished in the top three in the county:


Under 11 boys


Adam Driver – 1st Balance Beam. 3rd Standing Long Jump(SLJ)

Woody Van Der Feltz – 1st Standing Triple Jump(SLJ)

Harry Bunting – 3rd 1 lap sprint

4x1lap relay – 1st Harry Bunting, Alfie Broocks, Adam Driver, Woody Van Der Feltz


Under 11 Girls


Eva Welstead - 1st STJ, 2ND 2 Lap sprint, 2nd speed bounce

Lola Richardson – reached the 1 lap final.

Hermoine Benton – reached the 1 lap final. 2nd Target Throw

Isla Dalton – 1st Balance Beam

Poppy Darragh – 1st Target Throw

Brooke Williams – 3rd Vertical Jump(VJ)

Obstacle Relay – 1st Freya Escott, Isabelle Hawker, Hermoine Benton, Eve Welstead

4x 1 lap Relay – 3rd Brooke Williams, Isla Dalton, Lola Richardson, Hermoine Benton.


Under 13 Boys


Oliver Foster – 3rd in 2 lap sprint, 1st SLJ, 3rd Speed Bounce(SB)

Charlie Naish – 2nd 4 lap sprint, 3rd VJ

Jacob Barnett  - 3rd 4 lap sprint,

Jakob Roberts – 3rd STJ

Jack Wrann -  1st 6 lap run

Edward Mercer – 1st shot putt

Parlauf Relay – 1st Albert Van Der Feltz & Joseph Healey

Obstacle Relay – 1st Fraser Adams, Albert VDF, Oliver Foster, Charlie Naish

4x2lap Relay – 2nd Edward Mercer, Jack Wrann, Jakob Roberts, Jacob Barnett


Under 13 Girls


Katie Hull – 2nd 2 lap sprint, 1st SLJ

Amy Darragh – 1st Speed Bounce

Kate Simmonds – 2nd 6 lap

Hannah Slater  - 2nd SLJ

Ella Dalton – 3rd STJ, 2nd Shot Putt

Emma Salkeld – 2nd VJ, 3RD Shot Putt

Parlauf Relay – 2nd Kate Simmonds and Hannah Stephens

Obstacle Relay – 1st Hannah Stephens, Beth Goldie, Amy Darragh, Katie Hull

4x1lap – 1st Ella Dalton, Amy Darragh, Katie Hull, Emma Salkeld


We are now looking forward to some of the Wimborne athletes being selected to represent Dorset in the regional championships at the beginning of March.




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