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2012 London Marathon – 24456 reporting

Barb Frampton’s day in the capital.

At 67 years of age, and not having run a marathon for many years, the 2012 Olympic year was the one to go for. It was always going to be tough, I had such a good charity to run for I felt I couldn’t fail.

I’ve had two really bad years with our business of over 32 years going into liquidation and fighting to hold on to our home, also having broken my toe, then 16 months ago having a seizure and fit, we think caused by stress, but this is all nothing compared to others in the club who have conquered huge health problems.

I started three years ago to be a volunteer at Green Cottage riding for the disabled, where I have been so inspired by the work carried out to give children with disabilities a chance to take part in a physically demanding sport, and my god do they enjoy it!!  This has been my inspiration.

I won a Wimborne club ballot place and was so excited but then the hard work starts. I decided to begin with the Broadstone Quarter Marathon and went on to do the Blackmore Vale Half, all was going well, three to four runs mid-week and a long run at weekends, then disaster when I started out to do my 20 mile with one month to go, I was crying at 6 miles and had to stop at ten, even though my fab supporting crew of Jacqui and Derek Sainsbury and Norman who had helped me every weekend, where there for me, I just couldn’t do it, I was exhausted.

I then kept going with the training and did the Bournemouth Bay Half in 2 hours  9 minutes and carried on for another four miles, but that was all I could do.

Come the marathon weekend I was boarding the Poole Runners’ bus on the Saturday feeling so scared, I didn’t think I could do the distance. Come the day I was there and going to do it regardless.

I started to lighten up at the start when queuing for the loos for 35 mins. I spotted ‘Men’s urinals and Ladies’ urinals’, I spoke to a lady exiting and asked, ‘How does that work’, the answer came back, ‘They give you a cone’, I was so busy working out what you did with a cone, I just burst out laughing! Anybody any ideas please?

After the wait for the start, I was over the line in 11 minutes. Within a mile a man had collapsed and was having a seizure/fit which really spooked me for a while. At two miles I was laughing and cheering as, by the side of the road was a rhino doing a big wee!! The person inside had positioned himself so well it really did look as if it was truly the rhino, we all gave him a big cheer and the voice inside shouted, ‘I  just had to go ,,he was bursting’. I new my time wouldn’t be good so I went for safety and enjoyed myself listening to all the groups around the course. It was still hard going but I got to half way and then 16 miles and was still running. I started to tire but only started to walk at 18 miles. Then I got a second wind and suddenly, I am looking forward to seeing the Wimborne supporters on Birdcage Walk … and what a welcome, screaming, bells ringing and cheers, I got hold of a camera and took their photos, so I have a great record of everybody.

As I write this another £100 donation comes through the post, I have raised £600 in one week and still it’s coming in, all been worth the pain and worry. I am very, very lucky!

My finish time was 5 hours 4 minutes, that puts me 31st in my age group.


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