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Abingdon Marathon – 18 October 2009

Nicki Roe reports …….. flat & fast and mission accomplished! (x4)

In a little more detail; all four of us running at Abingdon had a personal point to make and our own targets to achieve. Mine was to run 26.2 miles in under 4 hours, Anthony’s was to prove that his excellent time at Paris wasn’t a fluke, Craig wanted another go at the elusive sub-3.15 and Ian was still cross with having to pull up at New Forest and had set himself an assignment to cross the finish line. 

The organisers of the marathon were flexible and accommodating and both Craig and myself had got our places from unfortunate injured parties who had advertised their numbers on fetcheveryone.com. All we had to do was send our details to the organisers and forward a cheque to reimburse the original runner and the place was ours. Anthony was the only one of us who had actually entered the race in the usual way as Ian used Denise’s place and ran as a woman!

The practical running of the race was quite straightforward for everyone concerned with just the usual extra effort required when our bodies had used up the ‘easily obtainable’ 2,000  calories and needed to use clever human methods for an extra boost. Another one of these extra boosts which helps in marathon running is support from spectators. The ones who shout you on as a random runner are great and well received but a big cheer from a familiar face is paramount – thank you Claire, you’re fab! (AND she didn’t run me over this time - which was a bonus!)

So, the course itself left through the town and then continued twice around a 9 mile loop before returning back through the town for the last couple of miles. There were regular water stations, some with fruit; oranges and bananas and loads of jelly babies and sweets – some at official stations and some from village sweet shops and local children. Lucozade bottles were on offer around mile 12 and again at 21.

The race ended with a stadium finish with lots of cheering and support which Anthony appreciated as his vision had gone on the blink when reaching the track – running too damn fast! Craig nearly ended up with an even faster time when the clock stopped with 300 metres to go. I just about managed a grin at Claire (after abuse was shouted at me for being miserable!) and Ian even had time to try out his ‘smooth lines’ as he passed a young woman on the back straight.

To conclude, we all met our targets and took our revenge on marathons past! Anthony ran in at 3.01.31, Craig achieved a brilliant PB of 3.10.46, I took 8½ minutes off my IOM time and ran 3.51.32 and Ian finished his 30th marathon with 4.19.43. Just for those who missed it … Ian finished his 30th marathon …



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