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‘General 10k Battlezone’ – 12 May 2013

Claire Scammell reports this is NOT a PB course!

Some time in December I got asked if I would like to be part of a five lady team in the 'General 10k Battlezone' I was told there was a run and an assault course so naturally said yes. The location is Matterly Bowl, near Winchester which plays host to numerous music festivals and motor cross to name a few and is on the South Downs. Up until the day before I had no idea what was really involved.

The day started cloudy with a chilly wind stood on top of the South Downs. On the drive in there was a row of large haystacks and a tank in the middle of a very dirty field which gave a little insight in what was about to occur. There were five waves to spread out the runners, I was in Wave 5.

The first two miles were not too arduous with little incline through a wooded area up to the top of a hill. It was here I could see the motorcross area and lots of people running up and down the zig-zag area carrying a tyre!!

The next bit led us onto a muddy field with two rather large tanks which required crawling underneath. Luckily there were three waist deep mud-filled ditches to wash off all that mud from crawling. A bit more uphill followed until we came across those haystacks which required climbing over with a pole to crawl under for a distance of about 300 metres. At the end of this not only was I covered in mud but I now had straw and grass caked in as well.

The final mile or so was around the bottom of the bowl before the last uphill stretch to the finish.

Claire with her ‘Battlezone’ team-mates

This isn’t a race for PB's, however, if you don’t mind getting dirty and having a laugh definitely one to try. There is also the option to carry the 'equivalent' of a rifle if you so wish which is a metal pole weighing 5kg. I declined. If you don’t fancy the assault course then there’s also the option to just run the 10k. It’s definitely one I’ll be back for and I can recommend the team option makes it so much more interesting!!


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