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Bournemouth Open 1 April 2012

Back on track (and field)

Track action at Kings Park

A vast swathe of red and black seem to envelop Kings Park on Sunday 1st April. The event doubled up as a selection process for the Team Dorset set up and it was very good to get some scores on the Power of 10.  It is not possible to mention everyone here and if you want to see the full results then click here.

To see the photo gallery containing more than 200 pictures for this event click here.

We need to catch up with the Quad kids event and will publish those results when we have them. Perhaps the most remarkable results came from Pippa Hine who ran 14.4 for the under-13 100m and 29.5 for the 200m so soon after doing serious damage to her arm on a trampoline.  In full training who knows what she could achieve.

Matt Curtis was in inspired form with an under-17 12.1 for 100m and 14.4 for the hurdles. Archie Watts  also ran 12.2 in his first 100m outing as an under-17 and with Christian Flavell on 13.1 Steve Snook has high hopes for his relay team.

Long jump was popular with notable performances from  U15 Ross Crabbe 4m57, Hannah Winton 5m10 at under-20, 3m94 from under-15 Maddie Diment and 3m67 from under-13 Becky Kent. In high jump Lily Tozer was the star turn with an under-13 1m35. Bethan Burley proved multi-talented with a 13.7 hurdles, a 20m35 javelin and 7m64 Shot.

Team Copeland went well over 1500m with Mark on 4.59.9, Piers on 4.41.6 and Grace on 5.19.7.  Ryan Walbridge 4.36.6 and Tom Bourne 5.07.8 also produced standard level times.  Over 3000 metres Callum Kennedy enjoyed a tactical race for an under-20 time of 4.58.4 with Sharon Hutchings 11.23.5 under-17 and Abbie Hine 11.29.7 producing quality runs.

It was really good to see athletes who have not yet competed for the club giving it a go including Sarah Cunningham, Aimee and Sophie Mould, Scarlett Kilshaw, Catlyn Hooper and Dominic Flavell.

Here is a list of the Wimborne PBs from the day as shown on the Power of 10 website:

U13W Pippa Hine 100M 14.4

U13W Charlotte Ayton 100M 15.1

U13W Lily Tozer 100M 15.7

U13W Caitlyn Hooper 100M 16.0

U13W Pippa Hine 200M 29.5

U13W Grace Copeland 200M 32.8

U13W Grace Copeland 1500M 5.19.7

U13W Bethan Burley 70M Hurdles 13.7

U13W  Lily Tozer High Jump 1.35

U13W  Becky Kent High Jump 1.25

U13W  Charlotte Ayton Long Jump 3.83

U13W  Bethan Burley Shot (2.72k) 7.64

U13W Bethan Burley Javelin (400) 20.38

U13W Grace Copeland Javelin (400) 8.88

U15W Ella Hearne 300M 49.5

U15W Scarlett Goldsack 800M 2.59.6

U15W Maddie Williams 1500M 5.29.7

U15W Ella Hearne 1500M 5.54.2

U15W Abbie Hine 3000M 11.29.7

U15W  Maddy Diment Long Jump 3.94

U15W  Scarlett Goldsack Long Jump 3.78

U15W  Sophie Mould Long Jump 3.53

U15W  Jessica May Shot (3.25k) 5.37

U15M Jessica May Javelin (600) 13.08

U17W Rebecca Skeats 1500M 5.56.9

U17W  Sarah Cunningham 100M 15.5

U17W Sharon Hutchings 3000M 11.23.5

U17W Charlotte Bourne 3000M 12.21.0

U17W  Sarah Cunningham High Jump 1.3

U17W  Sarah Cunningham Long Jump 3.58

U17W  Aimee Mould Long Jump 3.11

U17W Charlotte Bourne Discus (1k) 14.85

U20W  Hannah Winton Long Jump 5.10

W40  Trudi Carter Long Jump 4.97


U13M Lucas Noble 100M 15.4

U13M Tom Bourne 200M 31.5

U13M Tom Bourne 1500M 5.07.8

U13M Lucas Noble 75M Hurdles 16.1

U13M Lucas Noble High Jump 1.15

U13M Alfie Benson Long Jump 4.23

U13M Alfie Beddow Discus (1k) 16.48

U15M Dominic Flavell 100M 15.1

U15M Tom Boulton 3000M 11.29.1

U15M Tom Boulton Discus (1.25k) 13.61

U15M Dominic Flavell 80M Hurdles 18.7

U15M Piers Copeland Triple Jump 8.38

U15M Dominic Flavell Javelin (600) 20.65

U15M Ross Crabbe Javelin (600) 18.11

U17M Matt Curtis 100M 12.1

U17M Ryan Walbridge 400M 57.0

U17M Matt Curtis 100M Hurdles 14.4

U17M Christian Flavell 100M Hurdles 17.7

U17M Christian Flavell 400M Hurdles 67.0

U20M Callum Kennedy 800M 2.19.7

U20M Callum Kennedy 3000M 9.58.4

V45 Paul Flavell 800M 2.23.0

V45 Paul Flavell 110M Hurdles 19.5

V45 Mark Copeland 1500M 4.59.9


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