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Cerne Burn – 30 September 2012

A new race, Kim Brackley reports.

This is a new race from the Wessex Autistic Society (Somerley 10k, Parley Bun Run, etc.) and I can see why they added the ‘burn’ to the race name. The start was on the driveway of Minterne House and thank you to Lord and Lady Digby who were very generous in allowing us runners to rampage through their grounds (they also came out to see us off). The course takes you out through the gates and almost straight up a hill (hence the burn and it certainly did judging by some of the expletives) continuing along the hillside opposite the house and providing us with some very nice views.

The route was entirely off-road, no tarmac at all, and most of it was along the outside tracks of neighbouring fields. There were a few down hills that needed to be negotiated carefully as they were quite steep and if you had gone off to the side you would not have able to stop yourself tumbling down. There were also a few more inclines after the initial ‘killer’ hill. There was one section that was quite steep and slippery to go down and it led into a wooded area. By the time I got there the lady who had been in front of me was swinging from a branch trying to steady herself (sorry but that was funny!).

The route took us near that famous giant at Cerne Abbas (somehow I missed seeing that …. how?!) before taking us back towards the landscaped gardens of Minterne House. The trail then took us through the gardens along the footpath that twisted and turned and over ornamental bridges and then it was up one final stretch of the footpath to the finish. My legs never seemed to get over the hill at the start so I was quite pleased to see the end in sight. They kindly provided plenty of recovery cakes and doughnuts and a small goodie bag with water, medal and chocolate bar.

The parking was just opposite the grounds and the whole event seemed to be well organised. We really liked this race; it was scenic, traffic free and as hard as you wanted to make it.

Kim Brackley


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