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Callum is Dorset’s 10000m champion – 31 July 2015

Ian Kennedy reports from Ashdown track

On a beautiful summer’s evening the Dorset County Championships for 10000m took place at Ashdown. In all there were nine competitors, two of those were Wimborne runners – Callum Kennedy and Andy Olden. Many of us have run 10k many times but the opportunity to do this on the track and record a really fast time occurs only occasionally, for Andy this was his first ever track trace.

Amongst other runners in the field were Dan Mulryan (Poole Runners) and Ben Renshaw (Bridport Runners). Both of these have represented Dorset for cross-country in the past. Also out there were a couple of very decent roadrunners, and familiar faces, from Dorset Doddlers – Scott Pound and Spencer Mogridge.

Callum and Dan are long-time friends and rivals and have been team-mates when representing Dorset. Callum’s plan for the race was to run 80 second laps, which would bring him a finish time of 33:20. In conversation with Dan during warm-up it was discovered that Dan was running to an identical plan. We were in for an interesting race! Here we go …25 laps of the track.

The runners got away … the first lap was completed in 82 seconds (this turned out to be the slowest lap of the race). Dan led the field with Callum tucked in behind him, with Ben Renshaw having a tow in the early stages. The two leaders got to half-way stage without having put a foot wrong. Each of laps 2 to 14 were run at 80 second pace or a little faster. We were watching a great example of disciplined running. They were 10 seconds ahead of schedule … could they keep it up? In the next part of the race they slowed slightly, and as they completed lap 22 they were only 2 seconds inside their schedules.

Up to this point Dan had led almost all the way. The next lap proved to be a decisive one. Callum came to the front and upped the pace from 81 seconds to 76 seconds and got a modest gap between himself and Dan. Callum then slowed to 79 seconds on the penultimate lap, and Dan used this to claw back some of the gap.

Going into the final lap Callum had a lead of around 5 metres, but Dan was giving it everything trying to make up that gap. On the 3rd/4th bend just before coming into the home straight there was a huge effort from Dan and Callum’s advantage was shrinking. Callum managed to find something extra on the approach to the finish line and defend his position, although with 20 metres the outcome was still in the balance. The final lap was by far the fastest of the race – 72 seconds. It had been fantastic to see the County Championship 10000m raced in such a competitive fashion.

Having crossed the line, both Callum and Dan were in a state of exhaustion … they had given it everything. They had both successfully executed their planned times, coming in around 14 seconds ahead of schedule.

Ben Renshaw came in one lap down to claim the bronze medal and the Dorset Doddlers pairing of Scott Pound and Spencer Mogridge also recorded highly respectable times for track novices. Andy Olden came in 7th with a time of 43:54 … I think he enjoyed his first track race.

Results were:


Callum Kennedy


Wimborne AC



Daniel Mulryan


Poole Runners



Ben Renshaw


Bridport AC



Scott Pound


Dorset Doddlers



Spencer Mogridge


Dorset Doddlers



Darren Clissold


Salisbury AC



Andrew Olden


Wimborne AC



Mark Holloway


Weymouth SPH



Herve Tribovilloy


Poole AC





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