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Hampshire League Race 1  – 9 October – Farley Mount 

Cross-country report from Callum Kennedy.

It was a sunny day at Farley Mount. It is a fairly hilly course and the ground was very hard. It was nice to see Graeme Furley, because we had not seen him for a while, sadly he was not competing. Also we had a new face, Dan Moody, he is one of the coaches who has been recently going to Saturday sessions but he, also, was a spectator. When we got there I heard there was a fun run and informed my dad and he manage to find some gear for Grace Copeland to compete in. Grace ran in the race and came third overall and first girl.

It was now time for the official races, first was Under-13 Girls we had one runner, Abbie Hine this year. Abbie started off quickly, at one point in the race Abbie was in third position but she wasn’t able to keep the place and finished 6th. It is the highest HXC finish recorded by any WACer so far.

Abbie digs in on the climb.

The next race was the Under-13 boys we had three runners, thus making a team. They were Piers Copeland, Tom Boulton and Jamie Brash. Tom and Jamie were making their cross-country league debuts. Piers ran a great race and finished 6th overall, equalling Abbie placing in the previous race.  Tom just beat Jamie, he finished 32nd   and Jamie finished 40th not bad for their first races. The team finished 7th overall.

Debutants Tom and Jamie race past base camp.

Then came the Under-15 girls race, we had two runners in this age group they had both moved up an age group from last year. They were Sharon Hutchings and Chloe Morris. Chloe ran a fantastic race to come 19th overall. Sharon who was not that far behind came 24th.

Sharon in the pack.

The next race was the Under-15 boys. We had three runners, they had all come up one age group from last year. They were Ryan Walbridge, Jordan Symington and Alex Diment. Ryan came in first Wimborne finishing 29th, second in was Alex he had good run coming in 46th and third in was Jordan coming in at 49th , the team came 10th overall. It was great to welcome Alex back after a spell away.


Big smile from Alex, with Jordan right behind him.

Then the senior women set off, we only had one runner this was Lynn Hutchings. Lynn ran very well coming in the middle of the race overall she was 55th.

The next race was my race the Under-17 men. We had two runners me and David Long. David and I had both moved up from the Under 15 boys races of last season. David was first in he was 21st, I came in shortly after in 28th position.

Callum in the under 17s race.

The final race of the day was the senior men, we had nine runners. They were Iain Donnelly, Rich House, Mark Copeland, John Hutchings, Graham Whiffen, Gerry Hutchings, Ian Kennedy, Jeff Hinsley and Paul Hine. Our two cross-country debutants, Ian Donnelly and Mark Copeland did superbly. Iain was first in and came in as 129th. He used to go to school in Winchester and run in XC races at Farley Mount as a schoolboy – 25 years later he was back. Next in was Rich at 136th, then Mark at 150th, he was followed in by John at 176th, after him was Graham  who was just behind John who finished in 177th , after Graham was Gerry who was 182nd shortly after him was Ian at 184th, narrowly after Ian was Jeff who came in at 186th and Paul Hine came in at 198th. The team finished 5th in division 2 and 4th in the vets in the division 2.

An impressive WAC debut from Mark.

WACers times and results were:

Under-13 Girls (52 finishers)

6 – Abbie Hine – 12:53

Under-13 Boys (73 finishers) – 7th team on the day

6 – Piers Copeland – 11:34
32 – Tom Boulton – 12:48
40 – Jamie Brash 13:09

Under-15 Girls (47 finishers)

17 – Chloe Morris – 19:17
24 – Sharon Hutchings – 19:49

Under-15 Boys (63 finishers) – 10th team on the day

29 – Ryan Walbridge – 16:41
46 – Alex Diment – 18:07
49 – Jordan Symington – 18:36

Under-17 Boys (34 finishers)

21 – David Long – 18:57
28 – Callum Kennedy – 19:38

Senior Women (106 finishers)

55 – Lynn Hutchings – 28:31

Senior Men (223 finishers) (Wimborne 5th in Div. 2, Wimborne Vets 4th in Div 2)

129 – Iain Donnelly – 43:28
136 – Rich House – 43:55
150 – Mark Copeland – 45:20
176 – John Hutchings – 47:33
177 – Graham Whiffen – 47:48
182 – Gerry Hutchings – 48:21
184 – Ian Kennedy – 48:23
186 – Jeff Hinsley – 48:30
198 – Paul Hine – 50:24

Full results for the Hampshire League will be found at: www.athletics.hampshire.org.uk/events/hxcl.html


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