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‘Gold Hill’s the easy one!’ – 10 October 2010

Kelly Williams reports on this 9.6k tester.

It was only a few days before the race that I made the connection between Gold Hill and the Hovis advert. How was I going to get up there! Then, just before the start I was told that was the easy hill. HELP!

The race started with a slight incline. Then onto a narrow footpath where overtaking was impossible. Back onto the road and a little downhill to the 1K marker. 

Round the corner and there it was .... steep, cobbled, but thankfully short. Although many were walking, I was determined to run, albeit slowly. I started to sing the 2nd movement of the New World Symphony (the advert music) in my head. Da de da, da de da....  I made it. My legs were screaming at me and I wondered how I was going to run another 8K.

Gold Hill … steep, cobbled, but thankfully short!

The next bit was thankfully flat with wonderful views over the north Dorset countryside. This gave my legs some chance to recover.

Then a wonderful downhill. I let gravity do its thing and just let myself go making sure my feet were landing below me and not in front of me.  Wheee!

A few smaller hills then the killer. The hill from about 5 to 6K just seemed to go on and on and on. Da de da, da de da.... Part way up was the only drinks station.  I struggled to drink and keep going but I knew if I stopped that would be it.

Reached the top (or so I thought) turned the corner to see more uphill.  Only a little bit though, then another wonderful downhill.  Wheee!

Then came the long slog back.  2K uphill.  Da de da, da de de...

Passed the 9K marker, then after a couple more corners caught a glimpse of the finishing field. Turned towards the finish and attempted to sprint to the line. Crossed the line with jelly legs to be handed the heaviest memento I've ever received.  Somehow I managed to stay vertical!

All in all, a tough, enjoyable run that highlighted I need to do more hill training!


WACers results:

13 – Callum Kennedy – 39:51
22 – Jerry Shield – 41:37
30 – Neil Hopkinson – 42:52
38 – Steve Guy – 44:24
53 – Jon Braund – 46:19
118 – Ian Kennedy – 53:21
128 – Jools Maskell – 54:42
156 – Kelly Williams – 58:15
163 – Wendy Kennedy – 58:55
185 – Bob Caines ­– 62:23
208 – Julie Gosling – 73:04


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