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Great South Run –  26 October 2009

The Hughes family take part in the South’s iconic road race.

There was a good turn out of runners despite the weather for the BUPA Great South Run, which was cold, wet and windy.  It was the first experience of the Hughes boys running a proper road race and despite the weather they were very excited and looked forward to running.  As brothers there is always a little competitive spirit, however they all wanted each other to do well.  Mr Motivator did his job warming up the throng of blue BUPA ‘T’ shirts, which incidentally made it more difficult to spot your children during the race as they flew by.  

In the under 12 group over 2.5km the boys achieved the following results. James achieved 19th place with a time of 9.08 Harry achieved 62nd place with a time of 10.05 and Oliver achieved 105th place with a time of 10.38.

Tired bodies, but a job well done. James, Harry and
Oliver Hughes with their medals at the Great South.

In a different age group Sam Neill recorded a time of 10:14 and a finishing position of 132nd. In the seniors’ race over 10 miles there were also some red vests with Kevin Elliott (2,366th in 1:22:27), Paul Hine (3,048th in 1:27:13), Guy Miller (4,282nd in 1:29:19), Barbara Frampton (6,506th in 1:36:22 – this placed Barbara second in her age group) and Michelle Eggertsen (6,881st in 1:37:30).

Robin Hughes

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