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Maybe if you need a bit of inspiration for doing triathlon and then maybe working your way towards doing an Ironman then take a look at www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qMz0QwyqPw then surely this will give you inspiration to reach goals that you thought you'd never reach.
Ironman South Africa didn't quite go as well as I wanted it to.  I thought that I'd done enough to get me round in my predicted time because since my foot operation in March 2006 where I had done no running from May 2005 to April 2006, my training up to race day was 400hrs, the swim training consisted of 200,000mtrs, bike was 3540 miles and running was 87hrs.

Race day morning dawned, extremely windy with some cloud cover. On getting to the swim start for my 2.4 mile swim, we were warned that there was a strong under-tow on the return leg past the pier, which didn't seem to affect me too badly but after my two lap swim I stood up in 1hr 16min & thought ‘ that was a bit slow’.  OK.  I'll make it up on the bike which was a three lap course totalling 112 miles.  It was still windy out on the bike course which hid the heat of the sun.  I consumed plenty of food and drink and eventually got off my bike 6hrs 19min later so I hadn't made up any time – in fact I had lost even more.  Things were definitely not going to plan but I was still thinking positive thoughts.  I knew that my run training and races had been good leading up to the race so I believed that I could do a good marathon.  However, all good plans seem to go to pot.  After about half-way I just couldn't keep the speed and was compelled to introduce more walking than running which made it an incredibly long run.  But I got to the finish line after a 5hr 19min marathon.  
In hindsight, I don't think that I had enough run training to get me through an Ironman Marathon. However, I got the medal & the T-shirt so I can call myself an IRONMAN.

Graham Starmer



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