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January 2011 Ė Willett 5k Time Trial

Paul Mallett storms 2011ís first 5k TT.

Itís a new year and a new format to the time trial reports. We welcomed two new time trialists on Thursday, Laurence Hegan and Martyn Sheppard.  We hoped you liked us!

Paul Mallett, he of the brilliant Broadstone 1/4 Marathon run on 2 January, was first of 21 runners in this first time trial of the year.  Tom Collis was second having, according to Paul, spent an uncomfortably long time breathing down the winnerís neck.  Master runner, Jerry Shield claimed third place on the biggest handicap of all. Well done Jerry.

Kelly was the first lady home in 5th place.

Phil Burgess

Thursday 6 Jan 2011      
Rank     Time
Paul Mallett 1   Jerry Shield 18:41
Tom Collis 2   Paul Mallett 20:35
Jerry Shield 3   Rich House 20:48
Rich House 4   Tom Collis 20:51
Kelly Williams 5   Steve Headley 21:37
Richard Davies 6   Gerry Hutchings 22:10
Phil Burgess 7   John Hutchings  22:44
Gerry Hutchings 8   Graham Whiffen 23:07
Becka Hughes 9   Phil Burgess 24:05
Laurence Hegan 10   Kevin Eliott 24:13
Steve Headley 11   Becka Hughes 24:21
Martin Sheppard 12   Mike Holborne 24:23
Paula Miles 13   Andrew Olden 24:40
John Hutchings  14   Richard Davies 25:00
Graham Whiffen 15   Dave Wild 25:01
Rachel Gladdis 15   Laurence Hegan 25:32
Kevin Eliott 16   Rachel Gladdis 25:50
Mike Holborne 17   Martin Sheppard 26:40
Andrew Olden 18   Paula Miles 26:41
Dave Wild 19   Kelly Williams 26:57
Tim Box 20   Tim Box 28:34



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