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Jurassic Coastal Run Ė 14 July 2013

Charlotte Bourne reports from West Dorset

Dad [Simon] and I decided to enter a 10km after reading Athletics Weekly and discovering the event. We knew it was going to be hard looking at the terrain from the course map, but we didnít expect the sweltering weather as well!

The atmosphere was amazing. Before the race there was holiday music playing and the sound of excitement as kids and adults prepared for either the 10km or 5km race. With trampolines and bouncy castles for the children and refreshment stores with local produce there was nothing more we could look forward to after the race.

But first of all before the race there was no forgetting the warm-up. Dad and I did our own one, and then 15 minutes before the start of the race everyone congregated on the green to start one of those warm-ups you see at the ĎRace for Lifeí. It was great to see people of all abilities taking part: the club runners, and those just doing it for fun or charity. Well Dad and I were here for fun, we knew this was not racing weather and all we wanted to do was to enjoy it.

So everyone lined up on the line, Dad and I with our camelbacks on because later on we really needed them especially in the heat. The race started and we were able to stick together although I sometimes kept going a bit too fast and Dad kept having to tell me to slow down as it was going to get a lot harder and he was right.

Soon the 5km and 10km runners split off and we trundled down the uneven hillside not really feeling the benefit of the incline we had just run up. Then in the distance we saw it! The huge cliff we had all been waiting for! But there was one thing we had to think about, do we run up it and kill ourselves for the next four miles or do we walk up which is probably faster in the long run. So we walked up the steep cliff with the sun beating down on us. Others were also doing the same even the really fit men!

Once we reached the top we saw the beacon. This is what we had been looking forward to seeing. All the other runners just ran around it and carried on, but we thought as we have run and climbed all this way we might as well have a photo. (Letís just say Dad is a better photographer than me, as when it was my turn to take a photo of him with the beacon, I might have just cut the beacon top out of the photo.)

After the beacon it was up more hills and down more steep terrain with a mixture of barbed wire and forested area in contrast to the dry, arid fields. However, we were happy and talking and it was fun, especially the downhill bits. Halfway through we were given a gooey snake for energy and this enabled us to overtake Mr Orange vest with the sunglasses and Mr Green vest who were really tired as they went too fast at the start. Near the end it was only Mr Shorts who was ahead of us, but Dad and I promised to finish together and we didnít want to overtake Mr Shorts at the end as he had done so well, (especially running with no T-shirt, a water bottle and no-one to run with). But Mr Shorts wanted us to overtake him and so in the last 5m he turned around to cheer us on and slowed to a walk, and as we were still running we overtook Mr Shorts to the finish line where we were presented with our medals.

To finish off a great day we were revived with a sausage butty and some Coca-Cola as well as stopping off for a smoothie and McFlurry on the way back. But since we had run so far in the blistering heat it was the perfect treat to end off a fabulous day.

I would just like to say a big thank you to my Dad as I wouldnít have been able to do it without him, for without his advice I would have gone off too fast and tried running up the cliffs which would have been awful especially in the conditions. So with my Dadís experience we were not only able to complete the course but have a good time as well. This is a race I would recommend because not only is it a great challenge, but the atmosphere is fantastic as well.



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