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London Mini Marathon – 21 April 2013

Lisa Sotheran reports.

Well I hadn’t been to London since I was 25, and with those Boston bombings I tried to put my fears aside. I felt so blessed to see this day as the mist rose above the trees, and as Ian blasted us down the motorway unfettered by the breeze.

We got into London in good time and Ian parked with ease. He’d already got it all worked out, There weren’t even any parking fees! Good old Wendy, she was off – striding all the way until we reached our resting place for the day where the Wimborne flag went up proudly for our runners to see on the way.

‘My boy is racing here!’, I said, and how lucky I felt. We saw Mark and Lisa Copeland, Piers too. No race had started yet, but then the wheelchairs came through (and in some good times I think too!)

Before I knew it the U17s had come and gone and the blue shirts that I had so been looking forward to seeing started coming as the sun warmly shone. When I saw my Jase with the paint stripes across his face, in my heart, for me, he’d already won that race. Then through came young Gracie, struggling with her tonsilitis a bit - but still showing her usual, incredible grit.

Jason (3262) with his South-West England team-mates

The weather was lovely, the people were too, the atmosphere was electric and stoic too, as the crowed cheered the runners, those old and those new. This is what you runners work for, a most outstanding race and a wonderful achievement in every single case.

Jas and I went for food – and kind of lost our way. But we saw Big Ben, and all the sights, it really made my day. But for me my happiest moment was hugging my son and to hear him say, ‘I’m glad you came Mum’.

So thank you to everyone who made this possible here ends my report. My fondest and greatest gratitude goes out to you all.



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