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Long Course World Championships, Lorient - 15th July 2007

These words have already been written but I too exceeded all my expectations so I am ecstatic with the way my race went and with my times.  
The swim was a two-lap course with a pontoon for an up, out and back in with a dive for the second lap.  However, the start was with us all hanging onto the pontoon.  It was the usual bun-fight but I very quickly settled down into a good rhythm as it was a good 600 to 800mtrs to the first buoy.  The rest of the swim went well but it got a little bit busy at the end of the second lap as I was now catching & passing the wave before me.
The run from the lake into T1 then to the mount line at the end of T1, must've been a good half a mile in distance.  However, my T1 was a steady change - socks on and food in pockets - then off to the mount line.
The bike course was a two-lap affair which I clocked at 47.08 miles (a bit short, which was a shame), which included a hill start from the mount line and 30 to 40 speed bumps.  The route followed the coast road which was fairly flat with just a few rises, but nothing too serious, but with a steeper hill at the turn-around point.  The wind was very light on the first lap but it had noticeably picked up on the second lap heading out to the turn-around point.  

Into T2 with another long run from dismount point to my rack position.  Loaded up with gels and headed out onto the run course, which you already know was changed at the last minute to accommodate the disabled triathletes.  This was a three lap run and the new course consisted of five climbs per lap.  There were two aid stations and a sponge station.  Going out towards the turn wasn't too bad because the wind was in your face which kept you cool but when you turned to head back it just felt like someone had turned the temperature up about 20 degrees.  But throughout the three laps I felt strong and enjoyed the run because I was overtaking people & hardly anyone overtaking me.
Overall, I am a very happy bunny.  I wanted to go under 5 hours.  I also wanted to be in the top 10 of the GB age groupers and my times are as follows:
Overall time - 4:34:16
Swim - 47:02
Bike - 2:10:41
Run - 1:30:44
T1 was 3:37 & T2 (no time recorded on the results)

I was 3rd in the GB age group, 24th out of 75 overall in my age group & 138th out of 587 competitors.
Graham Starmer

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