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Lytchett 10 – 14 February 2010

Paul Teck reports on a race with a record WAC turnout and a handful of PBs.

After getting permission from my other half to enter this race (‘You do realise it's Valentines Day’ - I never said that!!! Jill), I warmed up briefly with my two daughters (which normally consists of running to some far away tree and back) then lined up for the Lytchett 10 Mile road race. I found myself competing with 354 fellow runners. Twenty-nine of us were WACers, which, as Ian pointed out, was a record for the club for a race over 10k. The conditions were perfect, not too hot and not too cold.

Team photo at Lytchett

The first mile consisted of a loop. This took you out of the school grounds and into the village of Lytchett Minster and then back into the school where you started from. It was at this point I got a little worried as I had not seen the first mile marker, and thought I was not doing very well, but luckily I spotted the two mile marker not long afterwards. So it was with relief I concentrated on what lay ahead.

Paul leaves Lytchett school grounds after completing
the first mile loop

The next mile or so was steady, and slightly undulating, up to Lytchett Matravers. I was joined by fellow WACer Rich House as we turned left for a loop around the outskirts of an estate, and then rejoined the main road which runs through Lytchett Matravers. After tackling the first short sharp hill on this loop, Rich helpfully remarked (because he is a paramedic), ‘Don’t worry, if you collapse I will be able to resuscitate you’. Thanks Rich! With this in mind, I decided to up my pace a bit as I knew at some point I was going to climb Dolmans Hill and wanted to make up as much time as I could on the straights/downhills, knowing I was going to slow down on the uphills.

The next couple of miles were undaunting consisting mainly of flat and then a welcome downhill section before you reached the bottom of Dolmans Hill at about the six mile point. Having never run this course before, I knew about this hill from what others had told me. I decided to take it easy but surprisingly, from a personal point of view, I didn't find it as bad as I feared so perhaps all the fartlek training I have done recently was starting to pay dividends as I made steady progress. Before I knew it I was back on the main Lytchett Matravers road and onto the final stretch.

The last three miles or so were mainly on a slight decline. I paused briefly to take on some water at about the 7-8 mile point, and it was at this point that you could make up some good time if you had the legs for it. I decided to keep it steady and try to keep the same people in front of me and within sight. The last mile seemed to last an age, but I reached the finish in 1:14:50, which for me is a PB.

In short I found this an enjoyable race which was well marshalled with plenty of encouragement from both marshals and spectators. Wendy’s lovely chocolate brownies and valentine-shaped cookies were most welcome and delicious at the finish. The glow in the dark laces were something I've never had as a momento before, but my eldest daughter has already claimed them, even though she doesn't run (yet!).

Paul Teck

 WACers results were:

17 – Jerry Shield – 1:02:12       

20 – Anthony Clark – 1:02:47       

34 – Craig Dixon – 1:06:51        

36 – Eric Gilbert – 1:07:15        

50 – Andrew Olden – 1:08:30        

55 – Adrian Mead – 1:08:45        

72 – Jon Braund – 1:11:01      

75 – Steve Guy – 1:11:06      

77 – Graham Whiffen – 1:11:18      

106 – Paul Teck – 1:14:50     

120 – Paul Grist – 1:16:36      

121 – David Wild – 1:16:47      

124 – Philip Whitehurst 1:17:10      

128 – Kevin Elliott  – 1:17:34      

130 – Ian Kennedy – 1:17:41

149 – Rich House – 1:19:13

192 – Carol Howe – 1:23:42

209 – Georgina Hougham – 1:24:50

212 – Jools Maskell – 1:25:04

238 – Annemarie Fachiri – 1:27:11

248 – Michele Whitehurst  – 1:28:12

265 – Kelly Williams – 1:30:49

267 – Julie Mead – 1:31:01

286 – Wendy Kennedy – 1:33:06

309 – Robert Caines – 1:36:42

314 – Clare Horsley – 1:37:33

315 – Andy Horsley – 1:37:33

340 – Julie Gosling – 1:48:34    

354 – Lee Longmore – 2:03:12


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