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WAC win at Lytchett 10  – 20 February

Richard Swindlehurst reports.

The early races in the Dorset Road Race League come thick and fast (well hopefully fast!!).  Race no.3 was the Lytchett 10 and as a first timer on the course I was a little apprehensive considering the descriptions of the course from fellow WACers.  Hills, tough and challenging were just a few of the words used but there was also the promise of a final downhill, 2.5 miles long and a number of previous PBs on the course.  Maybe this would be just the place to put that marathon training to a serious test.

The weather couldn’t have been any better really, cool and clear, the perfect day for a race.  After a period of silence from the megaphone the starter horn went off (bit of a shock really!) and we were racing.

The first mile was probably the quickest I’ve ever run, 5:35 the Garmin told me, but it was gravity assisted and as the saying goes, ‘what goes down, must come up’ (or something like that).  That really was the essence for the next 6.5 miles.  I’ve since tried to shut them out of my mind, but the climbs at 3.5 miles and 6.5-7.5 miles really did hurt.  At about 7 miles I started to do the calculations, how slow could I run to still get a PB but the sight of Jerry some 20 odd seconds ahead kept me pushing, the race was definitely on.  The downhill from Lytchett Matravers to Lytchett Minster couldn’t have come soon enough and what a relief it was when I reached the crest of the hill.

If I had any breath left at that point it would surely have been taken away by the fantastic view looking out over Lytchett and Holes Bay, with Poole Harbour in the distance.  The sun shinning from a low position in the sky reflecting off the water just added to the dazzling scene.  But back to the race!  It really was a huge lift and gave me the impetus to push on. I did get a glimpse of Roy in the far distance but the battle was now between Jerry, me and the Portland AC runner between us. We all managed to gain a place at about 8.5 miles, but that view had obviously given them both just as much of a kick and the gaps just weren’t closing.

The levelling off on Post Green Road near the school was a bit of a shock to my now jellified legs, even more upsetting was the realisation that we weren’t going into the front entrance of the school but had to carry on around to the lower entrance, looking at my watch though I really didn’t mind as a PB was a great reward for a very challenging but enjoyable race.

The encouragement from lots of WACers family and friends along the route made a huge difference and I can’t thank them enough for their support.

It turned out to be a great day all round for Wimborne AC, as we took 1st place in the men’s team event with Roy Long, Jerry Shield, me and David Long scoring, with Anthony Clark and Eric Gilbert in very close support, I was delighted to get the 1st 40-44 prize (won’t mention the 45+’s and 50+ who beat me), we had six men in the top 30 and numerous PBs to boot.  A special mention must go to David Long who ran a brilliant 1:02:48 four days after his 16th birthday.

A great day, roll on the Rotary Easter ¼.


WACers results

7 – Roy Long – 1:00:07
11 – Jerry Shield – 1:01:02
13 – Richard Swindlehurst – 1:01:23
18 – David Long – 1:02:48
23 – Anthony Clark – 1:03:37
30 – Eric Gilbert – 1:05:10
72 – Rich House – 1:10:03
73 – Andrew Olden – 1:10:09
100 – Graham Whiffen – 1:13:10
116 – Garry Hutchings – 1:14:43
148 – Daryl Davies – 1:17:40
151 – John Hutchings – 1:17:58
152 – Philip Whitehurst – 1:18:05
155 – Kevin Elliott – 1:18:15
179 – Ian Kennedy – 1:21:37
241 – Annemarie Fachiri – 1:27:33
283 – Wendy Kennedy – 1:33:27
286 – Robert Caines – 1:34:23
317 – Julie Gosling – 1:39:58
324 – Kelly Williams – 1:42:29

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