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McCain Bristol XC Challenge – 28 October 2012

Grace Copeland  and Ryan Walbridge report.

 Grace says

This was the hardest race that I’ve ever competed in! No part of the course was flat it was hills all the way! In the u13 race there was me and Bess Bickel (6th) from Dorset in a field of 30 runners from all over the country. I had a great race fighting all the way with Alice Davis, my rival from North Somerset. Alice had an awesome race finishing in 2nd place. I had to fight for 4th place coming down the home straight as I crossed the line I collapsed on the floor gasping for air pipping the girl in front of me at the post which was great because I won a £20 gift voucher and got to stand on the podium. Yipppeee!!

Next up was Piers he had a great race running with the likes of Hugo Milner, Sam Somerville, Jack Boswell and George Butler!! Piers finished in 16th saying he never wanted to run the course ever again as it was pure pain!!!

Ryan was the last to go putting in a massive effort as he had to run up the hill from hell three times (Parliament Hill springs to mind!!!) coming in 25th

Piers, Ryan and I all agreed that this was the most challenging course that we have run but I’ll be back next year to give it another go.

The best part of the day was the amazing Sunday roast that our parents treated us to with giant profiteroles apples pies and crème Brule for pudding yum yum!!



Ryan says

My race started at precisely 12.40 and I had to run 5.6 kilometers. The course consisted in one small lap and two large laps. In the large lap there was a killer of a hill, which really took it out of your legs once you, reached the top and I had to go up it twice. At the end of the small lap, just before you descend to start the large loop you had to go up a very steep embankment and then carry on going up the hill before turning right and going down the hill. Both hills were making other competitors pull out, but after Ian’s hill reps in training I was ready. 

I finished the race with a sprint battle, which covered the last 250 meters, which was down a gently sloping hill. I came in 25th out of 40+ as people pulled out. The terrain of the course was mainly grass but the ground was soft and there were loads of concealed holes and at two points of the race you had to cross a track that was made from hardcore. At certain points of the course it got muddy and slippery but not like the mud at Ham Hill. Half way down to the finish the ground was not that muddy but the surface was really slippery and you stumbled about trying to keep your balance.

The hardest thing about the course was not the mud but the type of course it was. You were either going up a hill, or going back down the other side. There was no flat so it was hard to recover while you were running. Once we had all finished the running we went to the Dovecote Inn, which was just outside Ashton Court estate. We had a lovely lunch there, as after a hard race we had to regain our energy levels.



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