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North Dorset Village Marathon – 5 May 2013

Claire Scammell reports on a PB race.

After having done London and North Devon marathons last year I thought I would try one a bit closer to home. Anne (McDonald) a friend from work fairly new to running, wanted to do one so we both signed up to the North Dorset Village Marathon. There were times through the training I never thought I would make the start line due to illness and injury but the day came round pretty quick. I have to say I was pretty nervous at the start, we both were. Weather was perfect, cloudy and cool. There was no real target but we decided we would try for 10 minute mile pace for as long as we could and hope for the five hour mark. Everything went to plan, at least for the first 16 miles. Then the skies cleared, the sun came out and it was rather hot. The scenery however made the mile markers fly by. There were numerous points where our family and friends plotted up to cheer us along which was nice and gave us a little boost.

Claire and Anne on the road

When I got to the 18 mile point I started to feel it mainly the heat reflecting from the tarmac. My body didn’t feel too bad but I started to struggle for some reason. Anne kept me going when I just wanted to walk and somehow got through it and kept running. We had slowed a bit but were still running. I remember the 23 mile marker and trying to tell myself it was the equivalent of the work lunch time run. My knee was aching and I heard expletives from Anne’s mouth when one of our ‘support’ staff asked if she was enjoying it. She said she wasn’t! Having done the last leg of the relay last year I knew the home straight wasn’t too far off once we got onto the gravelled track. It was at this point that Anne and me got a little separated. Having looked at my watch it appeared we were both on for under 4.30. I put my head down and found a little speed from somewhere. The quicker I got to the finish the quicker my knee would stop hurting. I finally crossed the line in 4.28 a personal best which has taken me seven years to beat. Anne was a minute behind 4.29. I think she hated me at one point for leaving her but all was forgiven when her 11 year old step son took her hand and helped her those last few yards over the finish line.

Post-race rehydration

There were a few tears at the finish (Anne) just the sheer overwhelming feeling of actually having completed it. Once I had my ice cream we then retreated back to the campsite where we had champagne and a BBQ in the fantastic sunshine whilst we discussed what was the worst and best experience rolled into one and how it would never be repeated. Even after a jug of Pimms we were adamant. However, less than a week after we are now discussing the next one, possibly Clarendon –watch this space!!! On reflection it was hard work but I have a feeling I might be back next year!


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