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‘Race the train’  Tywyn Mid-Wales 18th August 2007.

Mud-blood-sweat-tears and rain and wind and more rain and more mud.

How beautiful Wales is and how mountainous!! We arrived Tywyn ready to race the train or a least get a glimpse of it! There was around 900 people lined up.  The race started with the, train blowing its whistle and off we went in the rain and wind. There were people hanging out of the train cheering us all on.

The first 2 miles was through the town and into the country lanes with lots of support from local people. We then entered the fields which was fine at first, a bit wet, but ok. Then after 4-5 miles  it became hard going.

At about 7 miles we reached a ploughed field which apparently had been done especially for the race (bless the farmer) we had been warned about the barbed wire fence but somehow I managed to slip and get caught in it resulting in having to stop and get bandaged up as my arm was bleeding. This was unfortunate as I lost about 10mins.

Debbie sits outside the first aid tent, after an argument with a
barbed wire fence!

The second half of the course which was on a mountain track up some short steep climbs (more suitable to sheep). This went on for a couple of miles we then dropped down into the Dolgoch Falls – it was beautiful. Then we went up some very slippery slate steps and into a bog – it was over my knees and very sticky. I managed to fall over as my feet were stuck –  the marshalls had a great sense of humour as they stood there laughing. I was really worried I'd lose a trainer but managed to get out with a bit of help and with both trainers still in place.

We were back into fields and on the side of the mountain people were slipping and sliding all over the place but it was a soft landing. Back on solid ground for the last couple of miles on road but up-hill. We finished in a field next to the railway station and there was the little engine, it had been sat there for a while. My time was 2:49:16. I did get to see the train en-route it was like a scene from ‘The Railway Children’ with everyone cheering and waving.

There was a party in the evening with a bar, food and entertainment. Oh! and the tears were of laughter having seen my mate walking up the road after doing the 10k, caked in mud and with a beaming red face laughing saying how fab it was. It was great fun and I would definitely do it again next year and what’s more you can enter on the day!

Debbie Whittle

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