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Hampshire League Race 5  – 13 February – Salisbury 

Cross-country report from the final race of the HXC.

This race wrapped up the Hampshire League season, apologies for the delay in publishing the report – we have been awaiting results. The first race of the day was the under 13 girls and it was pleasing to see four red shirts out there. We saw yet another strong performance from Abbie Hine and she had some good back-up from her team-mates. It was a particularly good race for Sharon as, for the first time since she picked up her chest infection, she finished the race very strongly. No doubt the incentive of chasing down team-mate Chloe helped. Sharon and Chloe crossed the line just 3 seconds apart. Alivia also ran well, just over 10 seconds back from Chloe. With three of our four under-13 girls running in their first cross-country season they have done really well. Unfortunately we do not have a full set of aggregates available for the season for any of the girls/womens age groups.

The under-13 boys have given us plenty to cheer over the course of the season. We witnessed another good race from Ryan, he is our highest place finisher in the Hampshire League aggregates in any age group. Very well done. Jordan had one of his best races of the season too, with Alex claiming the all important third place to give us a good team score. Our other star of the under-13 boys is Piers who wasn’t able to run at Salisbury, he did not record an end of season average as he didn’t manage to get enough races in, having a late start to the season waiting for his 11th birthday to come around. The under-13 boys finished 8th in the league.

Unusually we had only one runner in the under-15 boys race. It was great to see Callum out there once again having had to take an enforced lay-off  which saw him miss the South of England Championships and Dorset Schools Championships. He has a little ground to make up to get back to the pre-illness fitness levels, but it was a gutsy performance. Callum finished 21st in the league overall, with his regular team mates Jack Snook at 28th and Lewis Murphy-Parry at 32nd. The team were 7th in the league.

Once again we had just Lynn in the ladies race. She has done brilliantly this season. I am hopeful that we should be able to get her some consistent back-up from team-mates for next season.

We had another solid performance from the men, with most of our regulars available and it was good to welcome Gerry Hutchings back to the start line. For the second season in a row Graeme Furley sits at the top of the Wimborne averages. He needed to continue his improvement in order to stay top as he was pushed very hard this term by Jerry Shield. Graeme’s improving form has seen him back in the Dorset County team for the first time since the car accident and all that subsequent surgery. In the mid-field there have been some good battles between fellow WACers all season, Graham Whiffen has given great commitment to the XC team (in both leagues) all season and it has given Daryl Davies someone to chase! Also in the mix at some of the races were Craig Dixon and Rich House. Phil Burgess, Paul Hine, Ian Kennedy, John Hutchings and Steve Snook have had their tussles too. The best inidividual performance over the season was Colin Read’s at Winchester, but unfortunately we didn’t manage to get him out there for the other races. The senior men were promoted as runners-up from Division 3 to Division 2 in 2008/2009 so this year looked as if it would need to be a year of consolidation, in the end we did a little better than that. In the 10-team Division we finished 4th, and in Division 2 of the Veteran Men’s league we went one better, finishing 3rd.

Well done to all our runners and support team over the course of the Hampshire League season in 2009/2010.

WACers times and results were:

Under-13 Girls (54 finishers) – 6th team on the day

16 – Abbie Hine – 8:52

32 – Sharon Hutchings – 9:27

33 – Chloe Morris – 9:30

41 – Alivia Gillard – 9:43

Under-13 Boys (68 finishers) – 5th team on the day

There are no times available for this race

9 – Ryan Walbridge

19 – Jordan Symington

29 – Alex Diment

The U13boys team finished 8th in the league

As individuals Ryan was 8th, over the season with Jordan 27th & Alex 34th

Under-15 Boys (39 finishers)

24 – Callum Kennedy – 14:56

The U15boys team finished 7th in the league

As individuals Callum was 21st, over the season with Jack Snook 28th & Lewis Murphy-Parry 32nd.

Senior Women (78 finishers)

45 – Lynn Hutchings – 23:28

Senior Men (174 finishers) (Wimborne 3rd in Div. 2, Wimborne Vets 4th in Div 2)

52 – Graeme Furley – 34:31

54 – Jerry Shield – 34:48

89 – Stewart Little –– 37:03

113 – Graham Whiffen – 39:38

128 – Daryl Davies – 40:34

149 – Paul Hine – 42:36

155 – Ian Kennedy – 43:37

162 – Gerry Hutchings – 45:05

The senior men’s team finished 4th in Div. 2

The veteran men’s team finished 3rd in Div. 2

As individuals Graeme was 50th, over the season with Jerry 61st (13th vet), Stewart 85th (24th vet), Graham 101st (39th vet), Daryl 118th,  Ian 140th (69th vet), Paul 144th (71st vet) and Steve Snook 158th (83rd vet).

Full results for the Hampshire League will be found at



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