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Salisbury 54321 – 8 August 2010

Annie Dougall reports, bloodied but unbowed, from the race where you choose your distance from 10, 20, 30, 42 or 50k.

Having done the 20k in the two previous years I opted for the 30k, entering a few weeks ago before I realised I would be at the wedding of my personal trainer, Dan, all day Saturday!

Anyway the weather promised to be kind to us and it was. I started off with Nick and Jeff but they eased away from me up the first incline and I remembered the champagne of the day before! At 5 miles I felt in trouble but after a gel and some water felt a whole lot better between 6 & 7 miles and back to normal (whatever that is??).

I saw those two red vests of Nick and Jeff again and was able to catch up and run with them for a while which was very nice guys, thanks for that!

Beautiful scenery, a few ‘inclines’, sunshine and shade …. very nice …. Until at about 15 miles on a narrow uneven rocky track I somehow took a rather spectacular dive for the ground!! Why did I do that?? Answers can be passed on anonymously!

Jeff came along and helped put me back on my feet and stayed with me and we eventually started to run on. Thanks Jeff!

By the time I was back to running through Salisbury the blood was running which really impressed a group of young boys! First aid was waiting as Jeff had warned them of incoming wounded! I was rapidly bandaged, right knee demolished, right shoulder gashed ….. etc., etc., but you get waitress service sitting on the grass looking a mess, bringing water and a medal!

I spent an interesting evening trying to remove gritty bits from wounds, scrubbing with a brush as they do in hospital, not to be recommended I assure you!! Red wine dulls the pain though!


WACers results were:


12 – Rich House – 2:30:32
21 – Andrew Olden – 2:42:15
40 – Jeff Hinsley – 3:02:07
48 – Annie Dougall – 3:04:52
73 – Nick Solomon – 3:21:29 


6 – Jerry Shield – 3:31:09


23 – Andy Horsley – 4:30:21


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