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Slaughterford 9  Ė  29 January

Claire Scammell reports from foggy Wiltshire.

The morning began very cold and foggy. I drove the 65 miles to Corsham in Wiltshire having not read any details on the route. Having arrived, I was surrounded by veterans talking about all the hills, mud and the killer hill at the finish!!

The race started on a country road and was slightly downhill until we turned the corner and joined a muddy track, going uphill. I donít recall much of the route other than to say there were loads of hills, big ones.

Camera-shy Claire in the woods

I went with a friend who commented that it wasn't very muddy. That was rectified a few miles later with lots of really sticky mud which meant there was no way of running up some of the hills, or down them in fact! There were fields, tracks and had there been no fog I imagine some spectacular scenery from the top of some of the hills. Having said that, there were some big hills, the positive was there were some great down hills as well. Not many flat bits. There was a stream to run through, thigh deep and I have to say it took my breath away and hurt my feet with the numbness!! Still cleaned the mud from my shoes temporarily.

The final half mile was back on the road and up the hill to the finish. Hard work but for those of you that like proper cross-country races with a few hills thrown in this is a must.

Really enjoyable race courtesy of Chippenham Harriers.


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