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Day trip to Brighton – 24 January 2015

Charlie Davies reports from the South of England XC Champs

Back row left to right: Abbie Lovering, Fern Morrison, Beth Kingswell-Farr, Anna Kelliher, Dan Baynham and Elise Gill, with Charlie Davies and
Tom Morrison (foreground) all enjoying the winter sunshine in Brighton

Well done and a good run for all who went to the South of England Champs. The weather was sunny but there was a bit of chill from the wind.

It was a fairly hard course with lots of uphill sections but where there’s an up there’s always a down. The downs did prove to be steep and tricky for some!! If you think you’ve been to a big race, you should go to this race with all races having 200+ runners and nearly 1,000 men in the senior men’s race. For some of us it was the first time we had been put in pens at the start, and our pen draw could have been kinder. Unfortunately due to illness we lost a few runners before the start (and some in the race!), but we still had a 23-strong red army.

The first race was under-15 boys, in this race we had five Wimborne runners. Joey keeping up his good form had a brilliant run and came 57th. Michael also had a very good run with a place of 85th. Dan 124th and Matt 128th had another close race with Dan coming out on top this time, it was good to see Elliott 162nd racing. Total runners 233.

The next race up was under-13 girls again we had five runners, leading the way was Abbie 67th (young under-13) who had a great run, and followed in by Beth 79th. Our next three runners Holly 120th, Anna 145th and Fern 226th all had solid runs. Total runners 247.

The third race was under-13 boys, we were missing a couple of runners due to illness (one was Zach who had just purchased his first set of cross-country spikes I’m sure they won’t stay mud free for long!!). In the race Charlie came 166th closely followed by Tom 170th, then Jack 207th in his first big race. Total runners 227.

After that, came the under-15 girls, leading the way was Grace 31st who got a little boxed at the start of the race, Lucy B 48th had another good run followed by Lucy A 148th. Making up the team, it was good to see Elise 233rd getting the better of a couple of runners. Well done. Total runners 235.

The next race with Wimborne interest was the under-17 men, leading the way with the best run of the day was Jason 17th, Piers 78th was next in with another good run and Tom (Boulton) 156th. Then Sam on his second lap thought it would be funny and quicker to roll down the hill rather than run but then injured his knee in the process and had to retire (glad to see him back training at the end of the week). Total runners 156.

We had one runner in the under-20 women, but unfortunately Scooter had to drop out after injuring herself. Get well soon!

The last race of the day was the largest race of the day with nearly 1,000 men in the senior men’s race. We only had one runner in this race Pete 685th who looked happy after 1k of his 15k race, a small portion of the red army stayed to watch the first lap of his race cheering him on as he passed, but after that Ian and Richard wanted to get going so they could get some fish and chips when they got back, and left poor Pete to his own devices!!!

WACers results were:

U13 Girls: 18th team

67th – Abbie Lovering – 12:17
79th – Beth Kingswell-Farr – 12:27
120th – Holly Nixon – 12:55
145th – Anna Kelliher – 13:12
 226th – Fern Morrison – 14:26

U13 Boys:

166th – Charlie Davies – 12:21
170th – Tom Morrison – 12:24
 207th – Jack Moss-Willcox – 13:15

U15 Girls: 16th team

31st – Grace Copleand – 15:33
48th – Lucy Ballam – 15:50
149th – Lucy Anderson – 17:15
233rd – Elise Gill – 22:32

U15 Boys: 15th team

57th – Joey Kelliher – 16:27
85th – Michael Johnson – 16:55
124th – Dan Baynham – 17:27
128th – Matt Yates – 17:35
162nd – Elliott Symes – 18:06

U17 Men:

17th – Jason Sotheran – 21:39
78th – Piers Copeland – 23:21
156th – Tom Boulton – 36:55

Senior Men

685th – Pete Kingswell-Farr – 1:16:05

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