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It’s a WAC Sports:Hall Treble!!!

Dorset Sports:Hall League – 17 February 2013.

Paula Hine reports:

Wimborne AC are 2012/13 Dorset Sportshall League Champions for the under 13/11 Girls and Boys and the under 15 Boys!!  That’s a great team result we should all be very proud of.

The girls’ Whizzkids team finished with 1170 points, beating Bournemouth Belles who scored 1016 point. Our Whippets team also finished in 6th place out of ten teams, showing our strength in depth with the under-11 girls.

The boys’ Wasps team accumulated 1122 points beating Poole AC who had 1006.5 points in total. This team did especially well as many events were filled with our younger, less experienced but very energetic under-11s, when our older athletes were missing due to cross-country commitments.

Our under-15 boys also did exceptionally well, again beating Poole AC, by some 100 points or more. This event is also an individual competition in which Ross Crabbe finished in first place overall with 210 points beating Shaun Bishop by just 7 points!!  

Dominic Flavell, Shaun Bishop, Liam Winton and Ross Crabbe
all played their part in the under-15 boys Championship win

Ellie White was our only under-15 girl to compete in all three meetings, something we need to work on for next year!  Ellie did really well to finish in 2nd place overall with 202 points.

Many of our athletes won selection to represent Dorset in the Regional Sports:Hall Championships. Sportshall can be really loud and often chaotic but it is hoped that our athletes enjoyed the competition and that they are now looking forward to competing in the forthcoming Track & Field season. Details to follow shortly!!

Peter Impett reports:

The third and final Dorset Sportshall League fixture took place at Canford School over half term.  Despite losing some key team members  to half term holiday events the standard of competition in the under-13 age groups remained high. Wimborne AC took the opportunity to strengthen their hold on the leagues winning the under 13 boys and girls competitions and the under 15 boys.  Poole AC won the under 15 girls competition.

Charlotte Ayton (Wimborne) 23.5s  again showed her power in out sprinting Charlotte Sidaway (Bournemouth) in the  2 Lap.  The Bournemouth athlete however won the standing long jump with 2m07.  Natalie Foster of Poole Runners won the 4 lap in 53.4 and the ever reliable Amelia Davis (Poole AC) won the 6 lap in 76.8. Becky Kent of Wimborne won the triple jump with 6m02 and team mate Beth Riley won the vertical jump with a score of 52. Jaimee Browne of Weymouth tied with Danielle Tomblin of Wimborne with a score of 73 in the speed bounce while Bethan Burley’s 10m72 gave the Wimborne athlete a winning margin of over four metres in the shot.  Poole Runners won the circuit relay and Wimborne the sprint relay.

Final aggregate scores for the under-13 girls’ teams were:

Wimborne Whizzkids                                                          1170.0
Bournemouth  Belles                                                             1016.5
Poole Runners Panthers                                                         914.5
North Dorset                                                                             840.5
Dorchester                                                                                744.0
Wimborne Whippets                                                             692.5
Poole AC                                                                                  637.0
Weymouth                                                                                 605.0
Poole Runners Pumas                                                            226.5

The under-13 boys seem more able to multi-task than the girls and three were double event winners.  The impressive Jack Howlett of Poole AC won the 2 lap in 22.8 and the shot with 10.13.  James Tufnall of Weymouth won the 4 lap in 47.7 and the vertical jump with a score of 57.  Glenn Balfour won the 6 lap with 79.7 and the long jump with 2m07. Under-11 Jacob Rowe of North Dorset won the triple jump with 6m36 and Khai Locke-White of Dorchester the speed bounce with an impressive 73. Bournemouth won the circuit relay and Wimborne the sprint relay.

Final aggregate scores for the under-13 boys’ teams were:

Wimborne                                                                             1120.0
Poole AC                                                                                1006.5
Bournemouth                                                                            913.5
Dorchester                                                                                865.0
North Dorset                                                                             803.5
Poole Runners                                                                         774.0
Weymouth                                                                                 496.0

The turnout in the under-15 age group has been disappointing and organisers will need to think about how the event is promoted in the future. This didn’t stop Charlotte Offer (Poole AC) winning the individual championship with 212 points,  Ellie White of Wimborne was second with 202 points and Bobbie Joe Gannon of Poole AC third with 200.5.

Final aggregate scores for the under-15 girls’ teams were:

Poole  AC                                                                                 575.5
Wimborne                                                                               269.0
Dorchester                                                                                191.5
North Dorset                                                                             136.0
Poole Runners                                                                         130.0
Weymouth                                                                                 123.0

Ross Crabbe of Wimborne won the individual under-15 boys with 210 points with club mate Shaun Bishop second on 203 and Connor Wright of Poole AC third with 202.0. Only two teams contested the league

Final aggregate scores for the under-15 boys’ teams were:

Wimborne                                                                               795.0
Poole AC                                                                                  514.0


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