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Sturminster Newton Half Marathon & 5k – 1 August 2010

Report and results.

What, no heatwave? To any ‘Stur Half’ regular it was a let-off, this race is normally reserved for the hottest day of the year. As the course has been tweaked over the years to remove some of the more horrible gradients I reckon this race will never get easier than it was this time around. In fact the conditions were as close to perfect as any of us has any right to expect for an August race.

We had a little unwanted drama before the races started when Wendy had to be treated for a wasp sting. She went on to have a good race despite some worries about a niggly heel – perhaps that wasp got the adrenalin flowing.

In the half marathon Jerry Shield was first WACer home and there were excellent runs from Rich House (smashing his PB by six and a half minutes), Neil Hopkinson and Andy Olden. Roy Long rarely does half-marathon distance so decided to start at the very back and treat it as a training run. I was one of 14 WACers that he effortlessly cruised past. John Hutchings continues to get better and better, and he was running 13.1 miles for the first time. Dave Wild is enjoying a purple patch and he also had a very good day.

Nicki Roe, Jools Maskell and Wendy were the points scorers for the ladies’ team. Kelly was fourth lady in, and she recorded a PB. Julie Gosling was running with an injury and as a result her time suffered, but well done to her for keeping the Fidelity bid alive. Also racing was WACer Shirley Billington’s daughter, Jessica. Jessica finished sandwiched between Wendy and Kelly, she is closing in on her first sub-two hour half marathon.

In the mid-field of the race Kev Elliott was clearly ahead of a group of us that included Jeff Hinsley, me, Phil Whitehurst and Nicki Roe. Jeff, Nicki and Phil ran together for quite a long way. I thought I had broken away from them, but on the last hill they made up ground on me and Jeff passed me with about one mile to go. I closed the gap to Jeff on the final descent, but had left myself too much to do to catch him. Coming through the gate onto the field with about 50m to go I went over on my ankle – so then it was my turn to visit the first-aiders. Guy Miller hasn’t trained since the London Marathon and this was reflected in the time he was able to record.

The 5k race started a little while after the half marathon and we had 10 runners in it. Unlike support races at some events we take part in, this is not a junior race, all over-15s can compete. Three of the Wayfarers junior team were there – Callum Kennedy, David Long and Ross Kirkpatrick, and they were on fire, packing in 3rd, 4th & 5th places. (The fourth member of that team was of course John Hutchings, who being a little older was able to take part in the half marathon.) Sharon Hutchings did brilliantly, she was only just eligible to take part in the 5k and she won the First Lady’s Award. That gave Sharon bragging rights, as no quarter was given when she beat both mum (Lynn) and dad (Gerry) – the three of them all finished within 20 seconds of each other. (I bet John was relieved he was doing the half marathon!) Trudi Carter won the award for first local lady. Meanwhile Bob Caines slapped in another solid performance and it was great to see Annmarie Pearson in races once again (that’s two in quick succession), with husband Dave out there piloting her around the course.

The ‘Stur Half’ is a friendly, well-organized race handled with supreme competence by Christine Willis and her team and it is all done with a touch of humour too. The water station at 10 miles was offering peace and love as well as water! It’s often good when competing in other club’s races to clock what they are doing and take it on board and use it in our own race. So … who’s up for manning a water station in November in a gold lamι bikini?

A great day. If none of this convinces you to come and take part in next year’s race, consider doing it just for the delicious Honeybuns flapjacks awaiting us at the finish line.

Ian K

WACers results:

5k race (57 runners)

3 – Callum Kennedy – 19:33
4 – David Long – 19:42
5 – Ross Kirkpatrick – 19:48
12 – Sharon Hutchings – 22:20 (First lady)
13 – Lynn Hutchings – 22:26
15 – Gerry Hutchings – 22:38
22 – Trudi Carter – 24:51 (First local lady)
33 – Bob Caines – 28:22
39 – Annmarie Pearson – 29:38
40 – Dave Pearson – 29:39 

Half Marathon (453 runners)

30 – Jerry Shield – 1:25:37
55 – Rich House – 1:31:02
66 – Neil Hopkinson – 1:32:07
86 – Roy Long – 1:34:11
88 – Andrew Olden  – 1:34:32
140 – Jon Braund – 1:39:15
145 – John Hutchings – 1:39:36
154 – Dave Wild – 1:40:47
183 – Kevin Elliott – 1:44:33
195 – Jeff Hinsley – 1:45:02
197 – Ian Kennedy – 1:45:15
200 – Phil Whitehurst – 1:46:00
233 – Nicki Roe – 1:50:04
292 – Jools Maskell – 1:55:58
352 – Wendy Kennedy – 2:02:49
353 – Jessica Billington – 2:02:53
356 – Kelly Williams – 2:03:24
428 – Guy Miller – 2:23:38
449 – Julie Gosling – 2:41:59


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