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Report from the ‘Sway Five’ – 4 July 2010

David Long reports.

Well, where to begin with this race? It was hot, undulating; the occasional gust in the face yet very enjoyable, goodness only knows how that works. It had all the ingredients for a brilliant race, hard yet not haunting. This consisted of forest trails, the odd hill or two, some sand tracks and the lovely gust of wind into your face, just for good measure. To make things even more brilliant the final mile was a combination of everything. Uphill, sand and wind into your face. Making it an unbelievably easy finish. (Don’t worry; I’ll save some more sarcasm for later on).

The race saw an all right turnout with enough runners for you to tag on to, with many different levels being performed. The WACer’s also had a good attendance with four showing up to race. One being Nick Solomon whom always has a habit of turning up to races along with us; it’s beginning to seem like the ‘Three Musketeers’.

The conditions were hot, windy in places and hot, (did I mention it was hot?). This meant that the race was much helped by the trees from the forest and provided some shade from the sun, what happened to the good ol’ British summer eh? That always seems to happen when you don’t want it too!

Overall, it was a fun race. It provided a brilliant chance to put the racing shoes back on yet challenged me enough to make it into a hard session (sesh!). I would definitely recommend it again next year and of course encourage you to partake in the runningtree series itself.

More information found at: http://www.runningtree.co.uk/.


WACers results:

9 –Roy Long – 30:44

23 –David Long – 34:01

66 – Nick Solomon – 38:37

144 –Claire Scammell – 45:36


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