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Wayfarers Relays - 26 July 2008

A perfect handover - Annemarie Fachiri and Denise Craddock at Wayfarers

28 Wacers turned out for this annual event, three ladies’ teams of four and three men’s teams of six. It was hot humid day, a little unusual for this summer (!), and certainly an improvement on last year.

A number of WACers set up their tents so that they could enjoy the post-race BBQ, bar and disco and be ready to run bright and early on Sunday morning.

By the time the race started the sun was burning bright and it was exceptionally hot, which meant most of us were sat in the shade while waiting, and then moaning about the heat after we had finished. Conditions were not all bad though, Stewart  Little set a new best time for a Wimborne man of 16:31, beating the previous best by 7 seconds.  For the ladies Claire Newby enjoyed running in these conditions so much that she ‘volunteered’ to run two legs, although I understand this was due more to Jerry’s persuasion.

Jeff sets his stopwatch  

The final standings for Wimborne were:

Ladies C team 6th in 1:37:56

Ladies B team 8th in 1:43:07

Ladies A team 9th in 1:43:22

Men’s A team 5th in 1:48:21

Men’s B team 9th in 2:04:44

Men’s C team 10th in 2:05:23

Even though the relays are a fun event it was good to have some close competition between the Wimborne teams.

Left to right: Nicki, Claire, Annmarie, Ellie, Morag, Annemarie, Denise, Eliza, Jill and Wendy. It was fantastic to see Morag in a competitive race once again.

Once the running had finished and everybody had enjoyed their own BBQ or that provided by Poole Runners the serious team competition begun, the Tug of War. It is fair to report that Wimborne were undoubtedly the undisputed winners of the tug of war, beating the best Poole Runners, Lytchett Striders and Littledown Harriers could offer.

A determined pull from the WAC tug of war team

It was then time to enjoy the disco where you could embarrass yourself or your children on the dancefloor. I can only go on secondhand information but I believe the last WACer left the dance floor around midnight and was not seen at 8:30 Sunday morning for the breakfast run.

Jeff Hinsley

Individual times for WACers at the Wayfarers:


Stewart Little – Wimborne A – 16:31

Derek Evans – Wimborne A – 17:31

Jerry Shield – Wimborne A – 17:59

Jerry Shield – Wimborne B – 18:13

Pete Lemon – Wimborne A – 18:15

Daryl Davies – Wimborne A – 19:02

Craig Dixon – Wimborne A – 19:03

Adee Mead – Wimborne C – 19:07

Jeff Hinsley – Wimborne C – 19:36

Dave Pearson – Wimborne B – 19:54

Callum Kennedy – Wimborne B – 19:57

Phil Burgess – Wimborne C – 20:18

Robin Hughes – Wimborne C – 20:24

Paul Teck – Wimborne B – 21:09

Ian Kennedy – Wimborne C – 21:42

Tim Box– Wimborne B – 21:50

Guy Miller – Wimborne B – 23:41

Bob Caines– Wimborne C – 24:16


WAC Ladies

Ellie Day – Wimborne A – 22:54

Nicki Roe – Wimborne C – 23:39

Eliza Glynn – Wimborne C – 23:41

Jill Harsent – Wimborne A – 23:53

Claire Newby – Wimborne B – 24:06

Annemarie Fachiri – Wimborne C – 24:54

Denise Craddock – Wimborne C – 25:42

Claire Newby – Wimborne B – 25:52

Annmarie Pearson – Wimborne B – 26:04

Wendy Kennedy – Wimborne A – 26:57

Morag Day – Wimborne A – 27:05

Julie Gosling – Wimborne A – 29:38


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