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‘A Half just for fun … and because you can’ – 15 March 2015

Rachel Gladdis reports from the inaugural Weymouth Half Marathon


Being the only WAC to venture into the unknown and experience a new race I felt compelled to do a ‘quickie’ race review.

Firstly it was an early start 8.30! We were off along the promenade (873 runners + 27 relay teams) heading out from the clock tower towards the Rivera Hotel for a quick shimmy round a cone and back along the seafront.  I always enjoy cheering the lead runners and none more so than on this occasion, as unusually there were no yellow club vests, or blue and white, or sadly red vests in the race to be seen.  (Incidentally, Egdon Heath were in full force, with at least 20 runners).

It was a race of ‘normal’ people who were just out for fun, with a colourful smattering of charity vests, fancy dress, joggers of all shapes and sizes out there giving it a go.  Needless to say there were people taking it seriously, but not with any competitiveness on display.

So coming back into town, through the  centre, enjoying the aroma of fresh coffee and lots of cheering from locals with their Costa’s keeping them warm, mixed with the tantalizing fragrance of a full English! There were lots of distractions including window shopping, but over the bridge we went, and into the old town. We were faced with a mini hill before,  ‘the hill’ and a bit of off road past the Nothe, now at mile 5-6ish.  Through some houses, round a few bends etc.

I have never run the Portland 10, but knew the wind was going to be something to contend with, the race continued, out to Portland round the sailing club there was another occasion to cheer on the lead runners (whilst thinking lucky sods have only got 3-4 miles to go)! This was the second trail section, where I could be heard swearing, almost taken out by misjudging my  footing on a stoney path.  This section seemed never ending, even with the seaview, but finally the turn around point and  back into a stronger wind, my paced had dropped hugely. 

Finally back into Weymouth and the wind dropped, we came back in along a park/trailway section which was beautiful. I switched up a gear and got some pace back on,  hoping to get a time of 2h or just under, but alas it was not to be .... 2h 1m, darn that wind!

And at the finish, lots of cheering crowds and loud speaker calling out runners names, encouraging on the last few steps – it’s all over .... time for cakes, sausage rolls, protein bars, water, a lovely shiny medal and a new buff!

So all in all, a pleasant race, where any strong club runner could achieve victory or top 10 (winning time 1h 17m).  Excellent marshals, who had a bit of road rage to contend with on the way back from Portland, superbly organised  and well stocked water and energy stations, with music. 

There was support for everyone whether in the lead or towards the back (last runner 3h 09m), no one was packing up early and leaving the last runners to fend for themselves – very well organised and worth the early start – perhaps more red vests next time?


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