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Wimborne 10 – First time as a WACer

This year was my first Wimborne 10 as a ‘WACer’ ………. last year I was lucky enough to be at the drink station at the finish with my husband, Mark!! I am of course being slightly sarcastic as I am sure you all remember last year was a dreadful day and we were both soaked to the skin along with everyone else………. I was told that day that if I ‘volunteer’ my husband in my place, I can run the race…..great! Wish I had known that before, so this year this is what I did! Mark did in fact end up cycling the route as the sweeper and he did enjoy this: he cycled from home first, via Blandford and thereabouts, so that by the time he got home, he had clocked up 40 miles.

Anyway, back to me. It was a lovely morning and I drove to Pamphill with the roof down on my car and thought what a change from last year. I delivered my two cakes up to the tent where everything was in control and the cakes were being labelled ready for the finish. I know that other clubs think that our race is one of the best races due to the prospect of tea and cakes at the finish! I understand that as the race has grown it does get to be more daunting each year; however I hope we can continue this tradition. I saw lots of people yesterday and spent most of the hour before the start chatting and catching up! So much so that I nearly missed the start and was told I’d better get a move on by a marshal …. or else!

I lined up with everyone else and still jumped out of my skin when the gun went off. It does not matter how much I prepare for it, it is so loud ….. and again a fab tradition of the Wimborne 10.

So, off we went. I started with one of my ‘running partners’ from Lytchett who fell over a dog on Friday was so slightly bruised and not feeling too good! Yes, how do you fall over a dog I hear you ask! Only Linda could do this……..we stayed together for a couple of miles and then I pushed on as I did not want to get left at the back with that sweeper….ha ha!!

The marshals were fab all the way round, very supportive. Most of them did not have a clue who I was I’m sure, however as I was wearing my Wimborne vest they gave me a few kind words …… except someone at White Mill who encouraged the two Bournemouth Joggers who were trying to get past me going uphill! You will be pleased to know that I finished ahead of them after we all climbed up the last hill together…….

I finished in around 1.44, I never really worry about my time as I always try my best and have never been a ‘hare’ ….. I just enjoy taking part, always have a few words with other runners, take in the views and generally have fun! I do keep an eye on my ‘competition’ and even at the back there are individual efforts going on. I don’t like anyone to beat me if I know I can normally finish before them.

Thanks to everyone for making yesterday such a success. I even finished in time for a slice of cake and the cup of tea was spot on after 10 miles! I genuinely think that the Wimborne 10 is one of the best races in the running calendar, well I would say that now I am a ‘WACer’, however, I thought that before I became one so it must be true…….

Julie Gosling


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