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Wimborne 10 – Coming right on the day

Here’s how Julie Maskell claimed a new PB.

Having dragged myself round 12 league races and two marathons in 2010, at the culmination of the Dorset Road League, the ‘Gilly Hilly’, I breathed a sigh of relief and thought I’d give myself a few weeks off. Maybe I could visit that gym that I pay the membership fee for? Or do something completely different ….. However a text from Julie Mead confirming that a place had become available for the ‘Wimborne 10’ had me digging out the running shoes and the red vest and fuelling up on pasta ….

I turned up at the start feeling slightly guilty at the sight all those volunteers preparing to stand out in the cold (and Tim who had spent all night in the cold!) and shuffled my way quietly to the start.

It’s an odd feeling lining up without the usual crowd of red-vested Wimborners to chat to. However, I found an old rowing friend who now runs for Poole Runners who told me how much she likes this race. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s home turf, or because it’s such a lovely setting and so well organised, but there’s a lovely feel about it.

Runners gather at Pamphill

With the loud bang(s) of the gun we were off and down the hill, I had told myself this was a race to enjoy with no pressure (and having not run for 10 days) I was going to take it easy, however, there was a sneaky feeling at the back of my mind that having not run the ‘Wimborne 10’ since 2006 (I’ve marshalled the last three, honest!) I might be able to put in a PB. My only other 10-miler has ever been the ‘Milborne 10’ and my times have always hovered around 85/86 minutes.

I set off at a good pace (for me) and spend the first few miles trying to decide if knowing the course so well is a good thing or not. There’s something to be said for knowing what’s coming, but then again there’s something to be said for not knowing what’s coming.

It was great to see so many familiar faces amongst the marshals and get lots of encouraging cheers. It also felt slightly odd to have all those runners trotting along my summer training routes!! However, I settled into a comfortable pace and with a look at the GPS knew I could be on for a good time. My favourite bit of the route is the nice gently rolling part of Park Lane where you get good views and know you have some nice down hills and flat bits to come before the slog back up to the finish. 

On reaching Shapwick you turn the corner and start to feel like you’re on your way back (in fact you are!) but doesn’t that road between Shapwick and White Mill drag on? White Mill came with lots of support from the marshals and up and over the hill and past the ice cream garden (what a wonderful place!) and that good feeling of getting near the finish but dreading the final hill.

The hill back up to Pamphill is never as bad as I expect it to be as soon as you reach the point where you can see the top I always remember that. Then turn the corner and into the home straight which is a lovely straight bit with loads of people about (some in the way!!) and finally you see the finish (musn’t forget to smile eh Georgie?!!)

The day wouldn’t be complete without the homemade cakes at the finish line

I was very chuffed with my 82.30 a PB by around 3 minutes I think! Finished off the season quite nicely and I promise to be a good marshal next year…..



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