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 Yeovil Winter Track Open  -  20th November 2008

What drives a runner to keep running? Iím not sure. Some do it to keep fit, some because they are set on achieving a new PB or love the competitiveness of the sport, some just enjoy the sense of freedom, maybe, from just hopping out the door for a quick few miles in the country and the fresh air. Some, like me, might have just got used to that feeling of tiredness in the legs after a good workout and donít feel quite right if they donít get that Ďfixí. Iíve also noticed that, though I get satisfaction from holding a good pace over distance, I get more of a buzz from feeling like I can run flat out, putting in a sprint finish at the end of a run. A competitive race isnít as fun unless I find the energy to sprint the last stretch, digging deep at the end. But then I heard about the Monday and Tuesday sessions. I had the bonus of not even having to run the first 9.5km of a 10km to put me in position for a sprint! Superb! But then came an even more enticing challengeÖÖ.The Yeovil Open.

I have been lent a good book by Danny Symington about training. It talks of base periods and, within, challenge training sessions that can help to build up a base level of fitness in a training programme. Selecting challenges, such as multi-day treks and day-long cycle rides, can help add spice to a training routine as well as improve muscular endurance or general fitness. So, always trying to mix things up and put my own slant on a good idea, I attended the Yeovil Open with the goal in mind of competing in every track event: 80m sprint (two heats); 150m; 300m; 400m; 1k; and the 3k. And to top it all off, I tried my hand at shot put too! Needless to say, I came last in all but one event. But it was a great experience, sprinting for all I was worth. And now Iíve added a few more distances to my list of PBs and have yet more goals to achieve (to shave a minute off my 3k time and get under 3minutes for the 1k!).

As I left, I was asked by a local Yeovilite to shout up about the Yeovil Open series to all my fellow runners at Wimborne AC, to encourage more to come. So I say to all out there who read this, come along in the new year and try some sprinting! Or even better yet, take on the Yeovil Track ĎHeptathloní Challenge, for which my collective time was 17 mins and 50 secs. Hurrah!          

Guy Thompson

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